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Yellowfin Storyboard business intelligence presentation software

Yellowfin Storyboard is a presentation and collaboration platform for business intelligence (BI). It offers an interactive PowerPoint-style presentation module for BI content.

The presentation-oriented user interface enables insights gleaned from BI to be incorporated into organisational decision-making processes, while allowing employees from non-data-centric backgrounds to share and benefit from BI.

The platform is web based, allowing users to share and view presentations from internet-connected devices.

Rich content - such as images, graphics or video - can be added to slides.

Users can also embed interactive reports to any slide. This allows users to explore their data collectively during presentations, in conjunction with supporting material, to help contextualise its significance and underpin data-based decision-making.

Each specific presentation is auditable and securable. Users can monitor how many, and which, users have viewed each Storyboard. Access to each Storyboard can also be restricted to certain user types or individual users.

Storyboard is integrated into the core Yellowfin application and comes as part of a standard Yellowfin licence.

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